Natalie Klenner

Natalie Klenner, Class of 2011

Natalie has a portfolio of experience in social entrepreneurship, facilitation, social and emotional intelligence education. Previously Natalie was a founding team member of two social enterprises eliminating youth homelessness, recognised as one of Australia’s Young Social Pioneers in 2017 and the previous CEO of Game Changers Australia. She has worked with thousands of young Australians in high schools delivering preventative mental health programs. She’s also lived overseas 3 times in France, Canada and Morocco. Currently, Natalie works full time at the Foundation for Young Australians and supports the training and development of 30 female facilitators at Flourish Girl.

Do you have a career hightlight?

A career highlight for me has been every time I leave a program I’ve facilitated with my team knowing that I’ve made a lasting impact on the way a young person views them self, their community and their place in the world.

What are your future plans?

I’m currently publishing my children’s book for young girls, ‘She’s Like Me’ putting profits towards girls education globally, and continuing to explore how I can make a meaningful impact to girls and women across the world.

What are your memories of Kilvington?

I’m most grateful for the teachers I had at Kilvington who challenged, supported and believed in my potential. The school provided a wonderful support network and community. Through my work at schools across the country, I’m often confronted with the harsh reality that not every young person gets the same opportunity to learn in such a supportive, safe and nurturing environment in the way that I did.