Julie Scott (Walker)

Julie Scott (nee Walker), Class of 1982

What did you do after leaving Kilvington?

I worked in Hospitality (1983 – 2000), ending that career in a Senior Operations Management Role for an International Food and Management Services Company. I then moved into Banking (2000 – 2016), firstly with one of the Big Four. Knowing that I enjoyed people contact and working in the local community, led me to accept a role with a Bendigo Bank Community Bank in my local area. Achievements for me were not about the banking per se, but focused on what we could achieve within our community to assist NFP organisations, schools, kindergartens, sporting clubs etc, and being involved for a number of years in the Relay for Life at Murrumbeena. Having left paid employment, I am currently serving on the Board of another local Bendigo Bank Community Bank (2017 – present)

What has been a career highlight?

There are a few but none more important than this. As the Chair of the Windsor Community Bank, I had the privilege at our AGM to ask a student studying Law in her first year at Melbourne Uni, to describe what the scholarship of $3,000 per year for three years that we were able to extend to her meant. When answering that question, she had tears running down her cheeks. How humbling that the decision that we made as a Board of Directors to award a grant worth $9,000 was so important to this individual, and that we had played a small part in her being able to achieve her future goal of becoming a lawyer.

Do you have any future plans?

To continue working in the local community. I love that we as a small Community Bank can give back to the community, making it a better place for so many people. I have been a volunteer with organisations since I became a Brownie at age seven, and was influenced by my family as I grew up with parents that both volunteered their time for not only school groups but other community organisations. Volunteering has always been a part of my life, including volunteering as pianist at my local church since I was still attending Kilvington.

What are you memories of your time at Kilvington?

Mrs Pitt, my Home Economics teacher, talked to me about William Angliss College, and suggested that I investigate course options there. It is thanks to her that I not only got a start in what became a successful career in hospitality, but also that I have a lifelong passion for cooking and good food. There was always a belief at Kilvington (led by a number of the teachers) that we as young women were able to achieve whatever we chose to do. They made us believe in ourselves. Kilvington was a warm, inclusive and caring school, although perhaps a little sheltered. But saying that I wouldn’t change my time at Kilvington for the world. Kilvington will always hold special memories for me; so much so, that I am proudly a member of the Kilvington Alumni Committee.