Jac Benstead

Jac Benstead Class of  2002

What have you been doing since you left Kilvington?

Currently i split my professional career between my business Gorillacom and company The Hacker Exchange (HEX). I am the CEO of my own business that focuses on the creation and automated distribution network of e-commerce products and I have recently been made the CXO (and co-director) for HEX. At HEX we work at the intersection of tertiary education and entrepreneurship, delivering reimagined academic experiences. I spend much of my time creating and leading our global innovations programs (San Francisco, Singapore and Tel Aviv, Melbourne, New Zeland and another 6 locations in the pipeline).

Can you share any career highlights?

A couple of highlights
– Winning the Dr John Miller prize for the highest aching graduate of my MBA
-Being asked to lead a trade mission for the Victorian Government to SXSW in Austin
-Working in educational institutions across the globe including, Japan, Canada the UK and Australia for over 10 years
– Currently being able to work from anywhere (including on a train through India)
– Releasing an album with my band (I play drums)

What are your future plans?
I am very much enjoying my work at HEX and looking forward to being able to get back out into the world post-COVID. We have recently expanded GCom to the US market which is currently keeping me busy but my life’s ambition is to open a brewery, so I think that has to be the next major project down the track….

· Memory /comment/ influences of your time at Kilvington
I’m lucky enough to have Teri and Marianne as close friends. We met in pre-prep at Kilvington when we were 5. I definitely enjoyed my time at Kilvington, even if I did get into a little trouble. I have fond memories of winning house Arts as Music Captain (Burman) and being made Hockey Captain.