Cara Stephenson

Cara Stephenson, Class of 2006

Profession: Nutrition Technical Advisor with Swiss Red Cross. I live and work in the north of Laos with Swiss Red Cross, where we work in partnership with the Lao government, building the capacity of Lao government health personnel on our maternal and child health project. We work side-by-side with the government to prevent, identify and treat children and mothers with malnutrition. Acute malnutrition rates are high in Laos, and these children are at greater risk of dying before their fifth birthday. It can be a confronting job, but also incredibly rewarding.

Do you have a career highlight? 

I’ve been pretty blessed to have had my work take me to many countries around the world. From working in rural villages in Malawi to conducting trainings in Indonesia on the border of East Timor – I’ve enjoyed every second and wouldn’t change it for a second. I’ve been able to travel the world for a living, and in this current time, I don’t take it for granted.

Do you have any future plans? 

COVID-19 has thrown most of our future plans, but ideally spending the next year in Laos, before returning to Australia with my partner, Hannah and hopefully starting a family. I’d love to continue my career in community nutrition, particular working with children and marginalised populations.

What are your memories of Kilvington?

All things Fethers! Being House Captain and all the fun that came with that – house swimming cheers, house arts, sports tournaments and house debating. Maths Methods with Mrs Cole and playing Indoor Cricket were other highlights.